Wednesday, February 27, 2008


(click on picture to enlarge)

A day at the zoo with my two crazy boys and our great friends and neighbors - Lisa, Jackson (George) and baby Allison, as well as Lisa's sweet sister LeeAnn. Needless to say the monkeys at the zoo increased by 7 today, at least for a few hours. This was also Holden's first trip to the zoo being old enough and awake enough to enjoy it. He growled at lions and peacocks alike. The carousel was the hit of the day for everyone involved. And the gallon sized Diet Coke I bought on the way home was a hit for me.

Thanks for a fun day Lisa and crew!


Kim said...

what a cute picture collage! Boys are as cute as ever!

Katie said...

Wish that zoo were closer! Maybe sometime this fall I'll make it down and take the boys there! Love that zoo!

The boys are getting so big and cute!