Tuesday, February 12, 2008


These are my favorite jeans. My Gap Ultra Low Rise Boot Cut jeans. They fit me like a glove. And they died last week. They split down the rear whilst dancing with my boys to the "Bob The Builder" theme song on Sirius radio. This is SUCH a catchy tune, seriously. It is not the version they play along side the movie/TV show. It is a much catchier, danceable, British sounding tune. I'm not joking when I say I could almost hear this song flowing out of some hidden SoHo club in London. Almost. And let me tell you, my boys and I rock out to it. Especially Holden, who I think I've mentioned loves to dance. Loves it. And in the midst of rocking, my pants split. I am very sad. I've only had these jeans for a little more than two years. My mom bought them for me about 4 months before I got knocked up with Holden. So I didn't even get a long time wearing them before I started showing. Then, after I had Holden, I can't tell you the extreme joy I felt when I could fit into them again. And then even more so when they became "a tad loose" after Shawn and I got on The Best Life Diet kick last fall. And now they are gone. I thought perhaps I (or rather my Mom) could repair them. But the rip isn't even really on a seam. The seat just wore out and split sort of down the middle of where my bum is. If I patched them they would only rip further. And besides, these are my "going out" jeans --- they look pretty decent with a crisp,white button down --- so a patch with say, Lightening McQueen on it, might take away from what I love(d) so much about them. So I've tossed them away. Bid farewell, never to look back. I've scoured Gap's site for them, and they no longer sell this style. My luck has run out. Farewell my sweet jeans.


Christina said...

oh amy- I know the feeling of losing that great pair of jeans. You will find a replacement... I promise. Hope all is well with you and the boys!

Katie said...

I did the same thing at Christmas! Hated losing my fav jeans, but now I get to go shopping! RIP favorite jeans!