Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sick Day Clones

I suppose you come up with anything to pass the hours away when you have sick babes and slushy snow outside. I rolled out the holiday wrapping paper, taped it to the glass door, and traced my kids with a Sharpie. They had a blast coloring in their hair, eyes, jammies, smiles, etc. Then all hell broke loose when Holden tried to color the Jackson clone. Thank goodness I can't really clone 2 sick kids.


Anonymous said...

Great craft idea, Mommy! So sorry to hear the boys are sick. hope they are feeling better soon. senidng love and hugs! BJ & the girls

Tales from the Crib said...

BJ!!!!! I've been meaning to email you forever. I'm going to drop you a line right now. Squeezes to you and your girls!

christina said...

what a great idea. kennedy would color serena's though as she needs to be all about her sister.

ECHeasley said...

You're just too stinkin crafty.
I hope the boys are feeling better.
Liz, Chubby (aka just Shorty now) and Twiggy