Friday, February 29, 2008

Thanks a lot honey

My hubby sent me an email this afternoon of this amazing blog about Seattle. It is a photo taken each and every day in that glorious emerald city. I was all set to blog this afternoon on why I love living in the suburbs of Denver (and honestly, I do - more so than I ever expected), but then he sent me that email with this Seattle photo blog and I've been fighting back nostalgia all during the boys' nap time (as if Jackson were really napping anyway) and not getting anything written about my quaint little hometown of Castle Rock, Colorado.

Today's picture on the blog is of Freeway Park over the convention center. When I first moved to Seattle I lived in a tiny (tiny!) studio apartment on First Hill and walked through this park, over the I-5 Freeway, every single day to get to my job downtown. I loved that feeling of independence and freedom I felt walking to my fancy-pants job (ok, I was an administrative assistant at a now-defunct computer hardware company) in the big old city of Seattle. This park is just one of the million reasons I'm in love with that city -- even the freeway has been made beautiful!

And yeah, I'll be adding that blog to my daily blog review. Thanks a lot honey.

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Kim said...

Well, hello! And thank you for visiting Seattle Daily Photo. Glad to read it gave you a little fix of your old city.

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