Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ah Suburbia

I wish I'd had time to take pictures today as it would have been a perfect day to do so -- but I was too busy enjoying the gorgeous Colorado sunshine to worry about shutter speed and aperture. We had a perfectly lovely spring (yes, spring!) day here in our little corner of suburbia. The kind of day that makes you forget that we may actually still have a touch of winter left (like tomorrow when it is supposed to snow).

The day started luxuriously at 7am. Scratch that - it started at 6am... for my hubby. He heard Jackson calling out to him early this morning. I did not. That is a rarity because usually I have ears like a hawk. I think selective listening has at last found me. So Shawny-boy let me sleep and went down stairs for some quiet time with Jackson until Holden and I awoke around 7. What a dream boat my hubby is. After breakfast and coffee and monster truck racing and cleaning out our disgusting refrigerator, I hit my weekend yoga class which as always awoke my spirit to new strength and pushed my limits (ok, it was just way super relaxing and I enjoyed my eucalyptus steam afterwards as well). When I got home the fam and I went to our favorite little French cafe, Cafe de France (yes, the 'burbs have French restaurants) for a wonderful crepe lunch. Then quiet time for the boys, and I indulged in some reading - "Eat, Pray, Love" - the selection for the new book club I just joined. I'm loving it!

After about an hour I took Jackson to the park across the street because I knew a nap was not in his future. It was gorgeous outside - J in his crocs and me in my flip flops. (note to self: time for a pedicure!). He rode his trike (2nd note to self: time for this kid to get a real bike...birthday is in 2 months) and I chased after him. Then later, as he was running to the slide he slammed his little forehead into a big ugly pole that jumped out and got him, and tears took us home again. We had a much needed ice-cream sandwich and then ventured back to the park with a now awake Holden for some t-ball practice. My son is a natural! His first time up to bat and he hit it out of the park! Well, ok, not out of the park -- but a good 15 feet though! And Holden enjoyed putting the ball onto the T over and over and over and over again. Ah, the simple things in life.

Where, you may ask, was my sweet hubby during all this spring time frivolity? Um yeah, he got a new Mac last night and spent this afternoon trying to get our modem to work with it. Bummer on that front. But I think it is all set now and he is such a happy man with his new computer. He's like a kid on Christmas day!

Anyway... soon Daddy did join us at the park after a couple of hours on hold and talking computer smack. Much more frolicking, bike riding, sliding, t-ball hitting and chasing ensued. Lots of laughter and neighbor chatting as well. Everyone in the 'hood was out today. All the children we haven't seen in a good 5-6 months came out of their winter caves to play, having all grown several inches over the winter months. The parents all chatting as if we hadn't seen another grown up in 5-6 months. Ah, suburbia...

And now, at just past 8pm, both my boys are exhausted and snoozing. My youngest could barely lift his head as I was putting him to bed tonight - one round of his favorite "Bob the Builder" song and he was out like a light. And I think Shawn has fallen asleep in Jackson's room putting him to bed. All seems right with the world. Well, at least our little corner of it anyway.

God bless suburbia.

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