Thursday, March 27, 2008

Asparagus and Backpack

Last night Jackson tried asparagus. And didn't vomit. I placed a single spear of delicious (IMO) roasted asparagus on his plate. I then proceeded to bribe him shamelessly:

me: If you try everything on your plate you can have one of your Easter treats.

whining ensued

Then as Shawn and I were chatting about our days we noticed Jackson nibble a small bit of his spear. Then he had 2 bites. Then 3. Then 4! I'm not kidding. He ate 4 bites of asparagus. Didn't gag. Didn't vomit. He then proclaimed:

J: Hmm, that's pretty good!

I am not making this up. He then ate everything else on his plate. Everything - grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, strawberries. Wow. We grabbed a bag mini M&M's for him lickety split. That kid had earned them!


Holden's choice new word is "backpack." He doesn't say a lot. Very little actually. But when I tell them it is time to take Jackson to school Holden runs to the laundry area and grabs Jackson's "Thomas the Train" backpack and starts chanting "Backpack! Backpack!" And running like a crazy kid in circles until I open the door to leave.

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