Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grammy's Visit

**UPDATE: I originally titled this post "Bonding with the Dinosaurs" because we saw all the wonderful dinosaurs at the Nature and Science Museum. However, I changed the title because I didn't want anyone thinking I was calling my youthful mother a dinosaur!!!**


Holden and Grammy reading books

Grammy and Jackson doing stencils and drawing
Dinosaurs at the Nature and Science Museum

Woah! Did you see that Dino?!??!

The foot bone connected to the -- leg-bone,
The leg bone connected to the -- knee bone!

Tiny Bubbles
A rare moment of cooperation

Grammy has come and gone and we already miss her. Fortunately she'll be back in April to celebrate the big f.o.u.r. We had a great time while she was here. Our trip to see "Disney on Ice: Finding Nemo" was fantastic (thanks Nana!)! The boys loved the colorful show and we all admired the costumes and choreography. Honestly, it was far more enjoyable than I expected. We sneaked in some shopping one afternoon and the boys were on decent behaviour. Mom is going on a 2 week long European cruise this summer and I'm going on a 2 day long cruise this spring. So we both needed to look for some fancy duds. Well, as fancy as you can get trying to shop with two small boys in tow.

The real highlight of Mom's visit was our trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. After 3 years of living here we finally made the trek out. It was awesome! I had no idea it would be as interesting or as hands on for the kids as it was. We'll definitely be back. Jackson's favorite part was the space exploration. Holden liked the dinosaurs and the animals. It was a delight. In addition to our time spent with the boys, I got to slip away for an uninterrupted pilates class and then Shawn and I got to enjoy a rare night out to dinner with our great friends Lisa and Tyler. It's so seldom we get out without our kids and enjoy a fun "grown up" night out. Thank you mom! Thank you all around for a great visit! We love you!

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