Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Fairest One Of All

Yesterday I was reading Jackson "Snow White." He loves this book. He has it memorized. So don't think you can skip a page here and there and he won't notice. He will. Though I admit I have changed the book from the wicked stepmother (no, this isn't a post about my own wicked stepmother - hi Di!) wanting to "kill" Snow White to the wicked stepmother wanting Snow White to" sleep forever!" I say this part menacingly, but I just don't really feel like explaining "kill" to my 3 year old son just yet. So I take certain liberties. That discussion will come in time. Say when he's 4.

Anyway, yesterday I got to the part of the book where the wicked stepmother asks the mirror who is the fairest one of all. It dawned on me that though Jackson knows the story inside and out, he might not exactly know what "fairest one of all" means. So I asked him if he knew what that meant. He sort of looked at me confused and then confessed "um, no, what?" I told him it was the same as saying "Who is the most beautiful one of all?!" He looked at me with comprehension and then replied simply "Like you mommy." Oh my, are you kidding me? My son just said that?? I kid you not. I did not make this up. He said it. It took me a moment to compose myself and force myself not to get emotional, because that's the kind of gal I am. And then I continued reading. But for a moment I suppose I did feel like the fairest one of all. But mostly 'cause I have a son who, at least at the age of 3-almost-4, thinks his mama is beautiful. Though I suppose I should ask him if he knows what that means as well.


Katie said...

Go Jackson! Smart boy! I'd dozed off Sunday night and Ethan turned to the hubby and said "Mommy sleeps loud!" in reference to my snoring!? Yes mommy sleeps loud, probably due to the deviated septum you and your little brother caused when you'd head butt her nose! Makes me laugh, but also cringe! I just hope Ethan learns to say I'm pretty too, not just that I snore!

Anonymous said...

Jackson has good taste and knows beauty when he sees it. He does have a beautiful mama and a handsome Daddy. I love the pic at the top of the blog!!! Miss you and owe you an email this week!

Hugs and love to all!