Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hoppy Easter

We dyed our Easter Eggs last night. Here are some pictures of the adventures. One toddler and one preschooler handling egg shells is quite interesting. In the end we gave Holden an egg to totally smash to bits. And Jackson got the hang of what the word "gentle" means. Can't wait for the Easter Bunny to arrive and hide all these dreamy eggs for the boys to hunt down!

The Eggs

The Tools

The Set Up
(notice the pizza box in the background - I did not cook last night)

The Dip

The Dunk

The Elation

The Concentration
The Masterpieces

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Anonymous said...

pkdctfI just love stopping in and reading your blog. i miss you guys so much and it makes me feel somehow closer to you. Love the Easter pics. Gteat looking eggs and looks like a fun time for all.

Sending hugs and love from Beantown!

BJ, Ava & Fallon