Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The Scene: Jackson and I eating a package of mini M&M's the Easter Bunny brought us.

Me: Jackson, which is your favorite color of M&M

Jackson: The red ones (between crunching - mini M&M's are very crunchy because they have a higher ratio candy shell)

Me: Which M&M tastes the best

Jackson: (thinking for a moment...) The one I just ate!

(and we both giggle uncontrollably)


Sarah said...

Our friends, Nina and Steve, just had a baby girl and David told them to check out your blog because I rave about it so much! Let you be an inspiration to new mothers everywhere. Love, Sarah

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. What a great answer! I am enjoying your blog and am glad we reconnected. I told one of our friends who has a 3 year old about it so she could check it out too.


Katie said...

Love it! Kids say the best things!

Tales from the Crib said...

ah, thanks all!!

Sarah - of course I have fond memories of meeting Nina on a couple of different occasions back in Seattle! Congrats to her and her hubby on their little girl! These babes have a way of changing your life forever - in the most positive way possible. (and tell Dave I'm waiting for the day you tell me your knocked up as well ;-) all the best on your continuing adventures!!