Friday, March 14, 2008

Not Too Shabby!

About a month ago I entered one of those ubiquitous blog contests that all the big blogs (ie those with more than 4 readers and who actually make money off of advertising) have on their sites. I enter them occasionally on the blogs I visit the most, trying my luck but never winning anything. They usually give away simple items - baby stuff, tickets to shows, gift cards, etc. This particular contest, however, was for a dress from Shabby Apple. I went to their site to check 'em out before I registered and
oh my, they were some of the sweetest, cutest dresses you've ever seen. Very classic and classy. Simply adorable. So I entered my name expecting it to drop into the ether of the Internet. Not so! I awoke to find my name chosen as the winner. I never win anything (except in the 1st grade when I won "best dressed cowgirl" on Country Day at school and one free tickets to the Rodeo -- I'm sure my mom loved that!)! I got to choose any dress I wanted from Shabby Apple's fabulous collection. What a treat! I chose the "Antiquated" black lace dress with limited edition Indian lace. Gorgeous!

Well my dress finally arrived in the mail yesterday and it is as lovely as it appears on the Web. So fresh and stylish, but very understated as well. They also threw in some cute bangles for my wrist since the shipment got delayed. I'll be taking this not-shabby-in-the-least frock on my girl's weekend cruise in early May. I can't wait! Isn't it Très Chic!!?

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