Monday, March 31, 2008

Quiet Time

Dear Jackson
The reason you have "quiet time" every day is because you do not take naps any longer. Since you seem to think that at the ripe age of 3-almost-4 you no longer need a midday siesta, I need you to have "quiet time" so that I can get back a small amount of sanity before jumping back full force into our day together. And you need that down time to recharge, rejuvenate, and learn what it means to not be entertained by someone else for an hour or so. I am not forcing "quiet time" to be a mean mommy, or to "not be nice!" as you told me earlier. I'm doing it for the sake of our relationship. Because I love you and want to enjoy the time we do spend together even more. Even Daddy and I need a break from each other now and again. It keeps us happy.

In addition, when we officially changed "nap time" to "quiet time" I have to wonder if I did not make the description clear. "Quiet time" does not mean "jump from your bed onto the floor over and over again making loud thumping noises as you try and wake up your brother" time. It also does not mean "get up and go to the potty 5 times in an hour" time, or "take all your books off of your shelf and pile them into a leaning tower of Pisa until they crash to the floor" time. "Quiet time" means you sit in your room, quietly reading books or playing with one or two toys, quietly!" Emphasis on quietly. Thus the name is "quiet time."

I hope this letter helps clarify why I send you to your room by yourself every afternoon for an hour or so. And I think that in, say, 15 years or so, you'll be wishing you could have this quiet time back in your life again. By then it will be too late my dear. But now it is two-four-five, the time in which I told you you could get up from quiet time today, and your are staring me in the face begging me for milk as I type this, so I'll wrap things up. I'm glad we have an understanding now. I love you buddy.


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Kim said...

Oh my goodness, I'm rolling! That letter was perfect! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a 3 year old boy who bounces off the walls and who has enough energy for 10 people!