Monday, March 10, 2008

sickety, sick, sick, sick

We are all sick. Blech. I finally took myself to the dr. Then the boys back to their dr. So a good $125 later in co-pays and prescription co-pays, we are all hopefully on the way to health. I've got 2 good cough meds and an inhaler for myself (and I channel my childhood pal Lisa and the millions of times I watched her with her asthma inhalers over the years). Jackson's on the nebulizer. Holden's on antibiotics. Good times. Shawn has escaped (so far) with nary a cough. But my guess is he jumps on board next weekend when both grandmas are here and we are booked to see "Finding Nemo On Ice." (Yes, you read that last part correctly.) But I truly do hope he escapes this crud. It helps having at least one well person on the ship. And my apologies to our great friends and neighbors, The Weik's, for exposing you all to our crud on Saturday eve. And to my playgroup for exposing you all on Friday. I hope we are all faring better by this coming Friday.

peace out

oh wait, PS - here's a picture last week of Holden doing more painting. I had to laugh at the myriad of paint splatters on his sweet little face. and ears. and hair. and his overall obliviousness to the paint.


Julie said...

Awww, poor family!! I hope you all feel better soon.

Layout question for you too... How did you get your title to be at the bottom of your picture at the top of your blog? Still can't figure that one out... :)

Katie said...

Sorry ya'll are sick! Ethan had the chicken pox last week, Owen's still unscathed so far thank gosh! Wish you tons of get well soon vibes!

PS - until I read about the picture I'd wondered how much potting soil or Oreo's Holden had played with to get that way! He's so cute, love it!

Tales from the Crib said...

Thanks for the well wishes gals. We're doing a bit better, though J is home from school for at least today, maybe Thursday. I hope he's better by then though!!

Julie - I did it in photoshop. I'm still not 100% happy with it. I think I need to do another, lighter shot of the boys, then do the dark lettering. If you don't have photoshop you can upload a picture and have the title you have on your blog sort of laid on top of the picture. Go to "customize" and then edit layout, edit header. It will allow you to upload a picture then have your blog title right over the picture. I like Photoshop better because it gives me more control with placement. drop me an email if you want more help with it. It's fun to play around with!

Julie said...

Thanks Amy! I got the picture part, just wasn't sure how to move the title. Makes sense that you'd have to do it in photoshop...thanks! I'll have to work on that, photoshop isn't my forte.