Friday, April 18, 2008

Buffalo Bound

Grandpa, aka Carl, aka "Dad" to Shawn, aka my father in law, is bound for Buffalo as I type this. He is moving to live with Aunt Wendy and cousins Brandon and Arianna. It is a good move for him and for Wendy and the kids, and we are excited for his new adventures. But selfishly we will miss him a great deal.

My boys love their Grandpa. Each of them has a piece of Grandpa in their room decor -- Jackson has Grandpa's Lionel trains (yes, originals!) up in his bedroom, and Holden has one of Grandpa's beautifully painted landscape pictures up in his room. Every night before Holden goes to bed he says goodnight to Grandpa's painting. I'm sure now that Grandpa is quite a bit further away from us, saying goodnight to his painting will be even more heartfelt.

Good luck Grandpa. We already miss you!!

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