Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Conversation with my toddler

When I take my morning shower (and I refuse to go a day without a shower no matter how needy my boys may be), I usually bring Holden upstairs with me and lock our gate over the stairs. I close all the doors to accessible potties (drowning hazards) and allow Holden to play by himself either in my room/bathroom or in the playroom down the hall while I grab a shower. Jackson is old enough to hang out downstairs watching PBS Kids by himself, or he can come upstairs and play in the playroom as well.

I discovered this morning that I also need to close the door to Jackson's room while Holden is unsupervised. I discovered him hovering on the ladder of Jackson's loft bed this morning. He had made it half way up the bunk and was trying to figure out his next move. He was also giggling uncontrollably, obviously quite proud of his feat. It was such a lovely idea for a loft bed when we bought it. Now, well, it is proving to be the hazard I suspected it would become. So I add to the list to lock the gate, close doors to potties and the door to Jackson's bedroom when I grab my shower.

After my discovery of Holden hovering precariously on the ladder of Jackson's bed I opted to bring him into the bathroom while I got ready. He practically climbed into the shower with me, so I stripped off his jammies and diaper and let him play at the foot of the tub while I showered. The water sprinkled over his sweet little face as he laughed and splashed and played with his toy duck. Then I bundled us both up in thick towels and bathrobes and headed into his room to lotion him up and get him ready for the day. This is how our conversation went from there:

me: Holden, you want to get your diaper on and get dressed?

H: Yeah!

me: Do you want to take Jackson to swimming lessons with me? (as if he had a choice in the matter)

H: Yeah!

me: Do you want to go meet Daddy for lunch after swimming lessons?

H: Yeah!

me: Then come home for nap time?

H: (and he pauses, then shakes head "no" furiously)

...Taking after his big brother starts young.

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