Thursday, April 03, 2008

Crack Don

Jackson: Mommy, do you know what Crack Don is?

When Jack said this to me this morning I panicked. Crack Don? Oh Lord, what is he learning at that school of his?? Crack Don! Is that new slang the kids are tossing around? That sounds to me like the head of a crack den or something like that. Like the head honcho of the crack heads! What in the world does my three-almost-four year old know about crack? Is it too early to have the "just say no to drugs!" convo with him? I hadn't planned on that until he was at least six, maybe five. I should have a year to prepare for discussing Crack Dons! What do I say?!?!?

Me: Um, no honey, what is a Crack Don?

Jackson: It's when you wake up really early in the morning. At the crack of dawn!

And an audible rush of air escaped from my lungs. Now that crack don I know quite a bit about. Jackson has been waking at the crack of dawn since he was born. This morning's 6am wake up was no exception. Whew, drug conversation avoided, at least for now.

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