Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jog!

Shawn made it home today -hooray! And I survived without strangling my children, thanks mostly to my mom who stopped me before I did any real damage (I'm KIDDING!). But anyway, Shawn's flight from Buffalo to Chicago was running late so he missed his connecting flight. Total bummer. But he made another flight 3 hours later. Jackson and I greeted him when he arrived at DIA. Jackson's face was elated and he kept hugging and kissing Daddy. Save some room for me, too, little man! Holden stayed home with Grammy but about ran off the back steps when he saw Daddy pull into the garage. He kept squealing "Dada!" over and over. Too precious. We all missed Dada a great deal, but probably me most of all.

Shawn got the boys construction truck cutlery (I'll have to take a picture to really explain them - too cute). And he got me a high heel cake server. Again, a picture can only do it justice. What a sweety to remember us all.

As a side note the boys and I planted a lot of Springy/Summery plants and flowers today. I'm determined to grow my own salsa this summer so I filled my window boxes with peppers, herbs and a couple of tomato plants. Surely something will grow, right?!@? Wish me luck. Mostly, though, the boys chased the two rabbits, Star and Buck, who scamper in and out of our back yard throughout the summer season. They were babies last year but are now big fat rabbits. The boys chased them for over an hour this morning squealing "RABBIT!" as they scampered under the fence and through my garden. Unfortunately they also like to feast on some of my decorative grasses so we'll have to see how long this game of tag lasts before I whip out some sort of deterrent (for the rabbits not the boys).

Welcome home honey pie. I missed you!!

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