Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Jacksonisms to Remember

The Scene: In my car, on the way to swimming lessons

Jackson: Mommy, um, Mommy, um, do Mommy's have penises?

(and the scene from "Kindergarten Cop" with the kid who's Dad is a gynecologist comes back to me...)

Me: No Buddy. Mommy's have vaginas. Boys have penises, girls have vaginas. Does that make sense?

Jackson: Yep.

And inside I'm praying to God he doesn't mention penises or vaginas to his swimming teacher


The Scene: Leaving the Safeway with the boys yesterday afternoon. A family with like 8 children in private school uniforms are climbing into a minivan parked next to us. It should be stated that I made a silent pact with myself years ago that I would never own a minivan. Nothing against anyone who drives one - in fact I have three separate great friends who drive minivans - it's just a personal thing for me. I don't know why. I don't have to explain it. I'm only having two kids so I don't know why I need a minivan. Seriously, get off my back about it honey! Er, I mean, I just don't want a minivan. OK?

Jackson: MOMMY! Did you see that? Did you see that?? We should get a car like that! That car's door opens by itself! Did you see it!? What is that?

Me: That's a minivan buddy.

Jackson: A van! Can we get a minivan?

Me: No.

Jackson: Pleeeeeaaaase????!!

Me: No.

Jackson: (acquiescing) Oh alright, I'll just get a toy one.


ECHeasley said...

Leah loves her "vinivan". We call it "Leah's big car" and don't make the mistake of telling her it's yours.

Katie said...

I'm with you, NEVER will I own a mini-van and thank God Brian agrees with me! Ethan loves the truck, so if I got a truck instead of a car he'd be in heaven!

Absolutely love the Jacksonisms! Ethan's becoming more vocal and observant, like this morning he caught me heading to the shower and proclaimed "mommy's gonna get nakee and take a shower" to his daddy! Just happy we didn't have more of an audience for that one!