Sunday, April 13, 2008

Virtual Age

My sister Debbie sent this to me:

You can figure out what your "virtual age" is based on how healthy (or not!) your lifestyle is. It asks questions about weight, diet, medical history, exercise, stress levels, overall life happiness, etc. It was a fun little quiz to take. I'm happy to report that I am the age of a 16 year old and will live to be 92. I didn't quite believe it because let's face it, children age you. So I took it again being a little more conservative and my age was 18. I knew I still felt like a teenager! Shawn then asked if he has to put up with me that long. So I happily helped him fill out his virtual age and he is the age of a 34.6 year old and will live to be 82. Looks like he won't have to put up with me that long after all. By the way, for anyone who might read my blog and not know our ages, I'm a fresh young 34 year old, and hubby is ancient at 35.

What's your virtual age??!!


christina/cxwicke1 said...

yah- mine says I am 8 years old. um okay. It also says I will live until 94 which wouldn't shock me as my great grandmothers both died at 98.

Hope all is well with you and the boys. My hubby and serena were in Copper this weekend skking and i thought of you guys.

Robyn said...

Ah, I'm 24, but I tell you, I don't feel 24 most days!!