Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Only half-way through the day and it already rocks. I got to sleep in (8:30!!). Jackson gave me a precious painted trivet that he made at preschool. Despite me telling Shawn I needed no gifts at all, he surprised me with a killer new tripod (it is beyond cool!) and a day at the spa with my wonderful friend & next door neighbor Lisa (who's hubby also got her a spa day). And then we had a delicious brunch at my favorite brunch spot, Cafe de France. When we got home we snapped our first official family photo with the tripod. How cool is that!? And we are gearing up for a family bike ride later this afternoon. Shawn and I both got new bikes recently (which is why I said no gifts necessary today -- but oh boy am I love'n the ones he got me!), and a bike trailer for the boys. We are officially a biking family now. What a cool mother's day. My hubby and my kiddos rock. And you know what, so do I.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mama, and also to the other "moms" in my life -- Alison, Diane, Debbie, Kimi, BJ, Wendy and all the other terrific rock'n moms that I know.


Heidi said...

Happy Mother's Day. I hope the rest of your day was even better than the first half. Heidi, Dèja and Kaden

Tales from the Crib said...

xox Happy Mother's Day (belated!) to you too Heidi. Hope you and the kiddos are well!!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Mother's day to you too, sweetie! Oh how I have m issed ypou. have taken some time tonight catching up on your blog. seeing you, Shawn and the b oys and reading about how you are always makes me smile.

Hugs and locve to all of you!