Saturday, May 10, 2008

Imperfection Confessions

In light of tomorrow being mother's day, a day that praises us Mama's for all our amazingness (yes, I made that word up and I'm sticking to it) I thought it only appropriate to divulge the imperfections of this Mama. I think when I planned for being a mother, day dreamed of what kind of mother I would be, I was smug and a bit naive (OK a lot naive). I had a long list of things I would never do as a mother, and an even longer list of things I would always do. Needless to say, 4 years into this parenting thing, I've broken a lot of my woulds and would nots. And now, I happily share my imperfections with the world (or at least the 4-5 people who read my blog).

Things I said I would never do as a mother... that I have done:
  • Pour bowls of cereal and excitedly called it "breakfast-for-dinner!"
  • Did Cry It Out - desperate for sleep I did this "no-no" with both my boys around the 9 month mark...and low and behold, it worked...
  • Stay in my jammies all day long (only a couple of times, but I admit it)
  • Allow my boys to stay in their jammies all day long
  • Yelled at my children
  • Put my children to bed before their usual bedtime (and told them it was bedtime)
  • Pop in a movie just so there would be quiet
  • While I'm at it, allow the boys to watch far more TV than I expected I would
  • Leave the house without diapers
  • Give the boys juice before the age of two

Things I said I would always do that I sometimes don't:
  • Make beds
  • Clean toilets weekly
  • Read to the boys every day (though, yes, most days I do)
  • Wash the kids sheets weekly (or ours for that matter)
  • Serve veggies with every meal
  • Have outlet covers on every outlet
  • Have my children clean up their toys every day at the end of the day
  • Stop using sippy cups by 2 years of age (yeah right)
  • Stop nursing or giving a bottle by one year of age (yeah right)
  • Count to ten before I raise my voice
Things I do always do:
Love my children, unconditionally, and give thanks for them in my life every single day. Especially on the bad days. I cannot imagine my life without those two precious and amazing boys. It shocks me still that Shawn and I made such perfect little people.

Happy Mother's Day, to all the awesome Mamas out there!! (And a little extra thanks to my hubby for partnering with me on this whole parent thing. Your day is next month honey but you deserve a little extra thanks, even on my special day. I love you.)


Anonymous said...

great post. Makes me think of all the things I said I wouldn't do as well.

Stephanie & Nicolas

ECHeasley said...

"Put my children to bed before their usual bedtime (and told them it was bedtime)" I love that trick although it's getting tougher now that she is starting to read time. As long as there's an 8 somewhere on the clock I can usually get a way with it. LOL

Tales from the Crib said...

...I suppose I could have also entitled this "little white lies" - lol. I hear you on the time thing Liz. J knows that his quiet time is over at "two-four-five" (2:45) and he's outta there the the minute that clock hits that number.

Thank God for humbles us I do believe. xox gals!