Friday, May 16, 2008

Peet (or is it Tully?)

This is Peet. Or perhaps it is Tully. I'm not sure. But he (or she) is a baby bunny who loves to visit our yard and feast on my perennials. His (or her) parents are named Star and Buck (see the theme here?!). They too like to feast on our plants. All in all we have Star and Buck - the parents. And Peet and Tully, their children, who recently debuted just in time for Spring. We don't have to house these bunnies or feed them. They live in the fields behind our house, and like to visit our back yard, as well as our various neighbors. Though I think they are rather fond of our house as they are here first thing in the morning licking the dew off of my plants. Have I mentioned they like my plants? But I have to say, the boys adore their "pet" bunnies. And honestly, they are probably as pet-like as our boys are going to get. We are very much not pet people. But as much as these little cutie pies like to nibble my spring-greens, I think they are about as cute as they come and so far haven't done a thing to try to get rid of them. The boys adore them. And secretly, so do I.

(For those not in the know, Peet's and Tully's are coffee shops. If you don't know what a Starbuck's is you've been living under a rock for the past decade)

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Katie said...

Such cute "pets"! It took me a second to get the names, since I live in tiny-town Idaho here! Spring is wonderful, my boys love the new neighborhood squirrel babies running around!

Hope you have a great weekend! Miss ya at PAL!