Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sayonara Preschool!

Today is J's last day of preschool for this year. My baby made it through his first official year of "school." I couldn't be prouder of him. He really has changed and grown so much in the past 9 months. I've mentioned more than a few times that the age of three has been a rough age for all of us. Whoever coined the phrase "terrible two's" never met a three year old. But over the past several months I have seen so many positive changes in my sweet boy. He loves school. Loves his teachers, Mrs. Lisa and Ms. Lietzel. His two best friends at school are Avery and Samantha (yes, my son is a total "ladies man"). His favorite thing to do at school is play with trucks and read. He's not super fond of art projects but he has learned to at least finish his projects without complaint. He loves helping and being a leader. His great with his numbers and letters, so his teacher tells me. He hasn't gone to time out at school in several months (at least not that I know of). He has learned so much about letters, numbers, patterns, friendship, sharing, and enjoying school in general. That is a good thing because his mama was a big nerd who also loved school. I hope he will keep up his love of learning for years and years.

I'm so proud of you Jackson, and all you've accomplished in the past 9 months. This is just the beginning of your learning adventure. I can't wait to see where your love of school takes you.

Sayonara Preschool... and hello Pre-Kindergarten!

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Kim and Robert said...

Ummm....I just have to know why Jackson is wearing a costume. I know you said he was starting to pick out what he wants to wear, but this might be a little extreme. ;)

Tales from the Crib said...

Oh, um, yeah, that. Well he got that costume as a birthday gift and on a whim last weekend he wanted to put it on. He was so proud of himself that he wanted to show it off to his best bud, Jackson George, next door. And so we let him.

He kept shouting "To Infinity, and Beyond!" He also got the movie for his birthday.