Monday, June 16, 2008

The Bully: II

So last week I wrote about "the bully" at my gym's Kid's Club who has been calling Jackson names - specifically, baby. Up until that point I had never seen the bully. I just envisioned some tough seven year old with a tattoo on his bicep and a scar above his left eye. You know the type. Well, today. I met. The bully.

I took the boys into the classroom and got them all set up with their snacks. It makes it easier on Holden if I leave while he is eating something yummy so he doesn't notice me leaving. I'm settling them in and an adorable blond cherub-like toddler toddles over and stands right next to Jackson. He looks to be about two years old. He has a pacifier in his mouth and a beat up stuffed bunny in his arms. Jackson turns to me and exclaims:

"That's him! That's the boy who calls me a baby!"

I about tripped over my own two feet. This sweet, harmless little guy, about half Jackson's size, is the bully? Seriously? I try to control my laughter but it is a little hard. I explain to Jackson that this boy is a little boy. Much smaller than he is. And he's just now learning to talk and express himself. If he calls him a baby he's just practicing his words. I tell Jackson he can still walk away if the little boy calls him a baby. But this kid is not going to hurt him. He just wants to be his friend, I tell him.

I leave the boys snacking and walk out the exit. I'm chuckling to myself. I stop to explain to one of the care providers why I'm laughing. She looks over in the direction of the boys and says:

"Oh yes, Charlie. He's two. He calls everyone a baby. He's harmless."

Ya think!?!

I continue laughing throughout much of my yoga class. I also find myself much more into my workout knowing my son is not going to be beat up by some tough kid. But he might have a two year old who follows him around in admiration, and every now again exclaims "baby!" whenever the feeling inspires him.

Looks like I can save my bully worries for another day.


Kay said...

Amy -- this kills me. What a relief, though, to see that Jackson doesn't really have anything to worry about.

Makes me wish I also would have observed some of the goings-on at school, because Evan's tormentor was also younger. I think he might be 2, as well. And he's a little fella, at that. So I don't think Evan really had anything to worry about; he could have "taken" the kid with no problem. But the rub, of course, is that Evan apparently didn't seem to know that.

Ah, well. At least you can rest easy knowing Jackson has nothing to worry about (at least not for now).


P.S. I am still way behind the curve on this whole social media business. Facebook? MySpace? I thought that was for teenagers! But you can still reach me at my yahoo address.

Katie said...

That's funny! I know Owen is my bully to Ethan, but that's how brothers are supposed to act, right?

I do know that at daycare Ethan has many friends, but some kids can be so mean and not really understand what they're doing. Just yesterday, Ethan's buddy Quinn looked at him and told him "I hate you, you're not my friend anymore!" Just like that, no cause, just nasty words that got Quinn a long time out and hurt Ethan's feelings. I can handle the pushing and bumps and bruises, those fade, it's the mean words that hurt my guy the most, and I remember being in his shoes. I try to make him feel better and am glad the ladies at daycare do the same!

Just glad Jackson's bully isn't such a problem!

Clover said...

Whew. And hahahaha. :)