Saturday, June 14, 2008

Date Night and The Circus

Last night my sweet mother in law came into town to give us a visit and a little reprieve from the kiddos. We have never left Holden with anyone at bedtime before, besides each other. I know, I know, come on, he is 19 months old. But we just haven't done it yet. Up until just a few months ago he still went to bed around 6:30 so there was never a need to. If we wanted to go out we would just put him down and then leave Nana or Grammy to put Jackson down. But Holden now goes to bed at 8pm just like his brother (he wants to do everything just like his brother). But we obviously didn't want to wait until past 8 to go to dinner. So Alison encouraged us to give it a try. After all we are leaving the boys with the grandmas this fall so we can take a solo trip to Las Vegas together. We may as well give the old bedtime thing a try.

Would you believe it? He didn't even cry when we left. He barely looked up when we kissed him goodbye. He loves his Nana so. And she said he practically fell into a coma as soon as she laid him in his crib. We didn't hear a peep from him all night. It was awesome! I'm so proud of him. (and us). And Jackson was great for his Nana as well - I didn't expect him not to be. They are such pals!

Shawn and I enjoyed a delicious, quiet meal together at Jimmy's Steakhouse in The Village . Before dinner we stopped in at a wine shop across the street for a wine tasting. We also meandered into Tony's for a loaf of bread to make French toast with this morning.

Dinner was absolutely perfect. Oysters on the half shell and Surf and Turf for Shawn. New York strip and a wedge salad for me. Dessert for both of us - Tiramisu and Carrot Cake. Anyone who knows us well knows which of us had which (I tend to go for the most rich dessert on the menu, ie Tiramisu, and Shawn usually opts for a more home-baked type sweet, ie Carrot Cake). Naturally we also enjoyed some good wine and coffee as well. We sat on their outdoor patio to dine and overlooked the Rocky Mountains and the rolling hills. Occasionally a train would pass adding to the ambiance. It was a lovely, perfect evening. And Shawn and I had a chance to remember what it was like to have a quiet meal together and have a conversation. What a novelty!

We returned home full and happy to a quiet house. Nana was just getting Jackson ready for bed and Holden was sawing logs. Happy times. Thanks Nana!


In other news, Jackson performed in his first circus yesterday. It was the last day of summer camp and he was one of the acrobats in the circus themed performance. He did a wonderful job, smiling throughout the show and singing his songs with gusto. When it came time for his acrobatics he shined just as we knew he would. He's a born performer, I can tell. He loves the spotlight...just like someone else he might be related to...

Leading the circus troupe into the "tent"

Acrobatics in action

Super sweet smile

Popcorn treat after the show

Showing off his strong man skills... what a fun first summer camp!

ps - Happy Flag Day and Happy Birthday to my step-mom Diane!!!

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