Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Day At The Park / A Day At The Spa

A blog post, in two parts:

Yesterday we discovered a new park in our quaint little town. Good fun was had by all. My eldest son, I realize, is brave and brash and ready for action. My youngest son, well, he has to warm up to things.

Someone push me!

Ah, that's better

A big kid, at last

Oh gosh, this is high...
I can do it, I can!
Ladies Man
Proving his stuff


Come with me Daddy
Courage found



The Challenge
The Concentration
The FocusThe Victory

The Sweet Taste of SuccessMy 3rd son

I had a day at the spa today - thanks so my super sweet hubby. I'm so zenned out that I feel like I am talking like any of the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon. Wa-wa-wa, waa-waa-waa... you know what I mean. It was that good. Lisa and I left home at 8:30 this morning and didn't return to our abodes until almost 2:00 this afternoon. Bliss. Allow me the opportunity to detail the goodness of my day:
8:45 - Check in to Copperfalls Spa, peruse menu for lunch and add on *freebie* spa treatment
9:00 - I am in the cushiest robe that has ever graced my body. I am going in for my massage with Gabe. Heaven. I am ticklish but it turns out to be the best massage I have ever had. I had my hips and spine readjusted and feel like a new woman! Thinking about asking Gabe to join our family.
9:45 - Sipping mint tea, I head into a 90 minute facial with a darling girl who has the calmest, sweetest voice I've ever heard. I think she is an angel sent to save my ravaged skin. I sink into the bed and allow my face and shoulders to be massaged, slathered, exfoliated, extracted, steamed and pampered. She dabs my tongue with some sort of peppermint oil when I am done. Heaven. Wondering at this point if we can give up groceries for a week so that I can have a facial every week.
11:15 - My *freebie* treatment is a shampoo and condition. I then help myself to all of their yummy Aveda hair products and dry my hair. I smell like a movie star. Or at least what I imagine movie stars smell like because they can afford these kind of products every day.
11:45 - Lunch with Lisa. Waldorf salad, dark chocolate, strawberry infused water, more mint tea. Lisa and I gossiping without having to wrangle our kids or be interrupted every 2 minutes by our children. Divine.
12:15 - Lisa and I both sink into heated pedicure chairs that also massage our shoulders and backs. We gossip for an additional 90 minutes while our ladies give us the pedicure of a life time. Complete with paraffin dip. Massage. And cute pink toe nails. Scrumptious.

A completely heavenly day...until my children woke up from nap and began their usual bickering. But honestly, I'm too zenned out to notice. Well, almost. Thank you honey for the incredible mother's day gift. It was a most excellent day. I love you.


Clover said...

What an awesome park! And your spa day has me a little teary eyed...Great blog!

Tales from the Crib said...

Thanks for stopping by!

ECHeasley said...

Great park - Reminds me of Preston's Hope Playground near us for abled and disabled children to play together. T has quite the reputation at day-care because of that Ladies Man Tee. Too cute.