Monday, June 02, 2008

Printed Blog

I've kept up with this blog for just over two years now. It is my children's baby book. My diary of events. My mind when I lose the one I currently have (happening quickly it seems). I keep it for myself. I love to write. I love to photograph. I love to remember. This blog allows me my passions. I keep it for my boys, so they can know what it was like when they were wee. How happy we are as a family. Our many adventures. How we struggle or grieve or just have bad days. How we change, grow, and love as a family. I keep it for my husband because he is my soul mate (yes, cliche, but true) and love of my life. I want us to remember everything. I keep it for my family to keep up with us from afar, and as our boys grow and the smiles that are on their faces. And for anyone else who reads my blog and who finds it mildly interesting to read about our simple life here in the suburbs of Colorado. That's why I do it.

But I've wondered often what would happen if say, blogger failed. The Internet ceased to exist (gasp!). We gave up technology altogether and moved to a deserted island in the Pacific. Or if I just wanted to have a physical, written account of events. So, ta-da -- I discovered Shared Book -

This site allows you to design and have printed a bound book version of your blog! How cool is that?!?! I just recently had 2006 printed and it turned out beautiful. I only blogged for half a year that year, so it is a thin account, but the book is really lovely. It is hard bound with a glossy cover. There is a sweet picture of us as a new family (after Holden's birth) on the cover, and a delightful picture of Jackson as a toddler on the back. It covers my blog from day one through to the end of 2006. I was even able to dedicate the book to my family. How cool is that? I wanted to check out the quality before I had 2007 printed, but I will be doing so asap. And it is very, very reasonably priced. Around $40 for my first printing. I love it.

Just wanted to pass this along to anyone out there who blogs and wants a keepsake of their writings. I hope my boys will enjoy flipping through and looking at the pictures, and one day reading about our lives together. I hope it makes up for the fact that I never did proper baby books for either of them.


Oz said...

Thanks for sharing the link! My husband keeps asking if I've updated our son's baby book and I say, "No, but I've posted about x on my blog." Now I know where I can get a fancy schmancy printed version.

Tales from the Crib said...

:-) Glad to pass it along and thanks for stopping by!

Jim Agostine said...

Hi! This is SharedBook, just writing to thank you for your kind comments on Blog2Print. Please have a look at, where we've paid you tribute as well. We'd love to hear more about your impressions of the book you made, and any suggestions you have on the process, so if you'd like, please send us a note at and we'll get right back to you!

Tales from the Crib said...

Hi Jim, thanks for the note, and the tribute! I'm loving my book and am looking forward to getting my '07 printed!

Clover said...

I am SO glad I stumbled upon your blog! I have been having this exact same panic attack lately, and this is a perfect solution. Thank you!