Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vintage Jackson

Would you look at this kid? What a ham! I couldn't resist a little vintage Jackson photo today. This is us and Jackson, around 12 weeks of age. In this photo Shawn and I were going out for our first post-baby date to celebrate our third anniversary. We were a little nervous. A little neurotic. OK, a lot neurotic. But Jackson was in good hands. Our dear friend Heidi was there to watch him for the whole 2 hours we were away. But look at his face! It is like he's saying "What the hell? You two are going to leave me??? Who's idea was this!?" It is priceless.

I was reminded of this picture today because I was thinking of Heidi. Heidi is one of our dear Seattle friends, who tells me she reads my blog daily. (So a big Hiya Heidi to her!) I met Heidi shortly after I met (and fell madly in love with) Shawn. Heidi is best friends with Lisa and Robb, who are great friends of ours who used to live in Seattle but now live in Colorado like we do! Shawn knows Robb and Lisa because Robb's brother used to be married to Shawn's sister. We actually share a niece and nephew with Robb and Lisa. Got that? Whew. So in essence, Heidi and I are practically related as well. Ha ha.

Anyway. So Heidi is due with her first baby just about any day now. I'm waiting (not so) patiently by the phone to hear when that baby boy or baby girl has graced her and John's life. I can hardly wait. Heidi has wanted this baby for a long time, and she will be such an amazing mother. She is a nurturer by nature. And one of the kindest most caring people I know. She's gonna totally rock this mama thing to the hilt. I just know it. After all, she was the only person we trusted with our brand new baby boy oh so many years ago...

So sweet Heidi. Just know that today I'm thinking extra thoughts for you and baby-to-be-born. And I am wishing you much happiness and joy (and very little sleep) that is to come.


Heidi and Jackson, just before we took off for our fancy date


Terri said...

LOL! That is a WTF expression if ever I've seen one! :-P

Funny how you can "see" Jackson in that bottom picture. The smaller version of what he has become.

Heidi said...

I loved your post Amy. So sweet of you to think of me. And I loved time with Jackson. I miss you all and I apppreciate the vote of confidence on parenthood. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :) I'll call with the big news soon.