Friday, July 11, 2008

At the carwash, baby!

Occasionally, when the sandbox toys get really grungy and filthy. And the day gets really hot and sticky. And the boys grow bored and whiny. And I grow weary and tired. I fill plastic pails and bowls with cold, sudsy water, and we give all the toys and cars a carwash.

I'll shout out "Let's play carwash!" and the boys come squealing. I might as well have said "Let's eat chocolate till our tummies explode!" because that is how excited they get. And the cars and machines and diggers and nick-knacks get pulled out of the sandbox and dunked into the cold, sudsy water and come out sparkling clean. And the boys can play at it for up to an hour sometimes. And that makes for a happy mommy, too. Of course I end up having to fill and refill the buckets with sudsy water, as they get knocked over or poured out. But it is a fun, easy way to pass away a hot summer afternoon.

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