Thursday, July 24, 2008

Glacier Treasure Hunt!

So I got the genius idea for a glacier treasure hunt from the blog "Let's Explore." It was so much fun that J has been begging me to do it again ever since we finished. I highly recommend this activity as it captivated the boys' attention for almost an entire hour!! I started the day before by searching the playroom for fun little trinkets and toys that would freeze without damage. I then found my biggest bowl, filled it about 1/3 full of water and threw in 1/3 of the toys. I froze this for a few hours. Then filled another 1/3 with toys and water. Froze. And finished up with the last layer of toys and water. The layers are necessary as most of the toys float so the layers allowed for surprises throughout.

The following day we gathered out front for a glacier treasure Hunt. Our neighbor and best pal JG joined the boys. Armed with plastic hammers and spray bottles of warm water, the boys got to work excavating for toys. Aside from a few squabbles about which toy each boy was going for, and a few miss-fires with the squirt bottle, the boys all had a fantastic time. Even though the toys were all from our playroom the boys all acted as if they were brand new toys they'd never seen before. New toys! New toys!

Lisa and I began plotting all the variations we could thing of for this activity. Individual treasure chests. Colored ice. Birthday party activity with the trinkets as prizes. Gems and jewels for a pirates treasure hunt. One big toy suspended in ice for each child. Jello with toys hidden for the babies to explore. The list could go on and on!

Give it a try! I'd love to see pics from anyone who gives it a go! Such a fun summer activity - thanks "Let's Explore!"


Anonymous said...

cool glaciers! you are so creative. can the girls and I come play? hope you, Shawn and the boys are well. miss talking with you. I owe you such a long email or better yet a phone call.
Many hugs and much love from Beantown!

Kim said...

just went and checked out that blog and it's so cool! I can't wait to try some of those projects with Will.

Trent's Tribune said...

You have got to be the most creative and fun mommy out there! I am taking notes for next summer for Hayden.

ECHeasley said...

OH SHUT UP! That's too Cool! Don't know if I have the patience for 3 layers but I'm so there.

Tales from the Crib said...

Oh gals, it is SO not my idea. I have to credit the Let's Explore blog. It is a wealth of wonderful ideas. I am checking it almost daily for fun new activities. My motto is that if my boys are busy they can't get into (too much) trouble! Hugs all around!

(ps - Diane, so fun to look at your blog and see your beautiful family at last! Hayden is so adorable!!)

Julie said...

That is so freaking awesome!! We are doing that tomorrow!!! Thanks!

Debbie said...

Emily and I did this while the girls were at camp. I had decided it was a flop because she wanted my attention the entire time but yesterday she told her sisters about it and this morning they were all from 12 years old to 4 years old digging for treasures. See you in a few short days.