Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 4 - a recap

Shawn and I painted our bathroom today and I'm exhausted. So forgive me if my recap of yesterday's July 4th celebration is a little... spacey. We started out our 4th of July day with homemade pancakes. I tried to make this, but it didn't work out - I think I used too much baking powder. So regular old pancakes it was. Afterwards we met up with the neighbors to decorate strollers and wagons for the neighborhood parade and festival celebration. Unfortunately it was extremely hot outside so we all ended up at Red Robin for lunch! No complaints here! After naps we met back up again with the Weik's for burgers, dogs, and homemade sundaes. We tried to keep the kids up late enough for fireworks but we ended up calling it a night around 8:45ish. A good thing since we couldn't see the fireworks from our 'hood anyway! Everyone had a great time and bed time was easy-peasy since we were all zonked by day's end!

It was a totally fun day filled with lots of red, white and blue, and lots of laughter and playtime with our dear friends/neighbors. Now I'm going to pass out from paint fumes and exhaustion. Nighty-night!


elizabeth said...

cute pics of the 4th!! it's been really fun to check out your blog!

thanks for sharing the link to the blog book. so you were impressed with the quality?

thanks! :)

Tales from the Crib said...

Hi Liz! Yes, I really liked the quality of the book I had printed! My only wish was that they had more cover options - colors and designs. But I did get to choose the photo on the front and love it! I hope that helps! I love your blog - congrats on Quincey!