Thursday, July 31, 2008

A long run on sentence

I was going to blog about how annoying it is to take my children to Chik-fil-A for a lunch treat and to be the only mom in the entire joint actually supervising her children on the play area, which is why I greatly dislike going to that chicken joint in the first place (even though I do love their waffle fries) but I broke down and took the boys because my back is really giving me problems lately and I was coming from another chiropractor appointment (is this stuff even working??) and was too run down to even think about lunch so I pulled into the place the minute I saw that yellow slide that my son goes ape-bananas over every time we drive by it, which is a lot because it is located right next to Target, and I was of course foolishly thinking that maybe, just this once, I'd be lucky enough to dine with other moms who actually care about the havoc their children are wreaking instead of them staring blankly into space or talking on their cells in the dining room which is completely separate from the play area and always some child ends up crying and no one seems to care so I go searching to make eye contact with any of those moms to see if they might recognize the cry coming from the glass enclosed playroom only this time it was my child crying so I said forget it and I dragged them out of there promising extra stories and rest time...whew.

So instead of a long run on sentence rant I think I will post a peaceful picture of my youngest stopping to smell the flowers. Me thinks I should try that once in awhile, too.

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