Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Holden is my mellow child. I may have to amend that. Holden has -- up until this point --always been my mellow child. He's been rather content his whole life to sit happily in my lap playing with a bit of fuzz or torn piece of paper. He can sit quietly doing puzzles or coloring in his coloring book all the morning long. He enjoys watching kids at the park or birds in the sky or bunnies in the yard - an observer more than a participant. He finds amazing beauty in a fallen leaf. He is fascinated by my flowers in our yard. He loves books and is quite happy reading the same story over and over again. He doesn't need a library of books, just "Goodnight Moon" or "Are You My Mother?" and he's happy. Simple. Quiet. Mellow.

But alas, the times they are a-chang'n. As of late the kid goes ape-bananas while playing trains. He love, love, loves playing with Jackson's GeoTrax train set. They both could play trains for hours if I let them. The problem is that Holden seems to have taken on some of mine and Shawn's minor-OCD habits. He's quite particular about which train he uses, which track it is on and how fast it goes. Should said train fall off the track (it happens often it seems), or the remote control start to run low on batteries (we do use rechargeables!) or the track come unhitched, he starts screaming and crying and wailing in complete and utter misery. It is a side of him we have never seen. It is a sad and unfortunate site to behold.

At first I assumed his brother was beating him up or teasing him but upon closer inspection I see now his frustration is geared 100% at the trains. Nothing else. He loses his marbles. And the only consolation is someone rushing to his side to help him realign the train or replace the batteries or rebuild the track. Only then does he calm down. And that usually lasts a minute or two before another catastrophe hits and he's back into hysterics. It is unnerving to say the least. So while I hope this is just a temporary set back for my mellow-yellow kid, I fear that a lifetime of OCD-ness may be upon us. I have no idea where he would get that from...

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