Saturday, July 19, 2008

Playgroup Pals

When we started, there were 4 little 15 month old children - 3 boys and 1 girl - and 4 new mamas. My how we have grown! We are now 9 children (new baby Tripp is not in the pic, and there is also a big brother, Kent, who comes now and again when school is out, so I guess then that makes 10 kids in total!). I am so fortunate to have found this group. Right after we moved to Colorado I met Danielle at the park. Her son Jack was my Jackson's age and she asked me to join her newly formed playgroup. I was so there! Gidget was already in with Aiden, and Andrew was on his way. And Carissa joined shortly thereafter with Charlotte, and Lily on the way. Soon Holden was on his way. And then Charleigh Jo. And then Tripp. Every Friday like clockwork you can find us all together in one of our backyards, playing with ride on cars and bubbles and trains and occasionally one of the girl's dolls (they are so outnumbered!), snack'n on nuggets and fruit and Popsicles.

How I love these kids. How I love their mamas .

Oh yeah, one more of the same pose. I like this shot because a) I muted the saturation and I think it looks cool and sort of antiquated a bit, and b) look how my son and Charleigh Jo are totally checking each other out! love it!


Kim H. said...

Playgroups are the best. They provide such a community for our children. I've had mine since my 8th grader was in Kindergarten. It only gets better! You are indeed blessed.

Terri said...

I have never seen so many blonde children in my life! LOL!

Tales from the Crib said...

LOL Terr! Yes, we don't allow anyone who isn't blonde! Ok, I jest. But you are right, they are a crew of blondies - it is all that good Colorado sunshine bleaching them out!

Kim - that is awesome! I hope our pg pals are still in our life in another 8-10 years! I am very blessed! Thanks for stopping by!