Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pretzel Yummies

Hey, check out these yummies! I'm pretty proud of how they turned out. I've seen chocolate dipped pretzel sticks in fancy-pants-bakeries and grocery store bakeries and I've thought how flipp'n easy it looked. I can do that I've always thought! And so, I did! We made homemade sundaes for our 4th of July celebration, and these little beauties were perfect little toppers.

The ingredient list is simple -
  • bag of pretzel rods
  • chocolate for melting (I used some leftover chocolates from the treats I made for Jackson's birthday party this year)
  • Various topping - I sort of scavenged my pantry for toppings -- brightly colored cookie jimmies, crushed pecans, smashed cream cookies).
Simply melt the chocolate in a dish in the microwave. Dip your pretzel rods into the chocolate to cover about 3/4 of the rod. Tap off excess chocolate. Dip and roll in various toppings. With the nuts I had to gently press them into the chocolate to get them to stick. Place on a lined cookie sheet to cool. Within about 10 minutes they are cooled and ready to eat. My kiddos loved them!

Basic Ingredients
The dipping and coating in progress - notice I used a baby spoon to help scoop the chocolate onto the rods. I use the nubby spoons all the time for baking! They are like mini rubber spatulas!
Candy jimmies sprinkled on top of the chocolate coated pretzel rod


Pretty colors!

OK, I know his expression isn't one of adoration, but believe me he adored them! He kept signing more over and over! A hit!
Finished products - delish!


Clover said...

Um...can you please bring me one of those right now? Thanks! :)

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