Monday, July 21, 2008

Sun Tea

The other day I thought it would be a fun experiment to show the boys (mostly Jackson at this age) how to make sun tea. I thought they might find it interesting how the natural, Colorado sunlight can brew the tea without having to heat up the entire house making it on the stove. No, neither of the boys actually drinks tea, but they've seen me make it for myself and they know how it is made. Mostly I just wanted some freshly brewed sun tea and as with most of my grunt work, daily routine I try and find something educational or fun in it so I don't feel the entire day is a waste for the boys.

The sun was warm and our back porch gets a delightful (if not extremely hot) amount of morning sun in the summer. I filled the glass jug with ice water, tossed in a few tea bags, and had Jackson help me choose a nice, sunny spot on the deck. We then went back to our regularly scheduled play time with trains and cars and trucks. Within an hour or so the tea was brewed and Jackson was in awe. Holden could care less. But Jack thought it was pretty cool that the clear water was now reddish brown in color.

I poured a refreshing, tall glass for myself. I like my iced tea a little sweet so I added a touch of sweetener and a mountain of ice. It was, as expected, delightfully refreshing. Thinking it wouldn't harm J to have a little taste of the fresh brewed sunshine, I offered him a sip. He adamantly shook his head no. He was not interested. He said he'd try it when he was a grown up. So we went on with our day. Myself a little more refreshed than norm.

Fast forward a few days and since I'm the only one who drinks tea in our house, half of the sun tea was still around and very stale. I considered trying to savor one last glass but it wasn't worth it. It was past its shelf life. So I began pouring it down the drain. Jackson began squealing and crying:

"No, no! No!"

"What ...what is wrong buddy!?" I replied.

"NO!" he continued wining, close to tears. "NO don't throw it out! I wanted some when I'm a grown up!!!"

I think we'll just make a new batch when that happens buddy. We've got a ways to go until you are a grown up...I hope!

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