Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vintage Wednesday

Today's Vintage Photo -- My beautiful mother, my sister Debbie (adorable!) and me (the squinty-eyed baby). Love this picture. I think my Dad was in a photo phase at the time as we have lots of "artistic" type pictures of flowers, bugs, us, all with sort of hazy, artistic lighting...sound familiar?!? I also love this picture because I see my baby's dark brown eyes in my sister. All three of us girls have the same eyes, but in this picture I can really see Holden in her eyes. That is so cool.

Check out the wood paneled walls. And the blue yarn ribbon in Debbie's hair. And mom's turtleneck. And the yellowish tinge to the photo in general. This is such an early 70's shot - eh!?


ps - Happy Anniversary Kimi and Robert!!!

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