Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wall-E and Eve!

A couple of weeks ago we bravely took the boys to see Wall-E at the movie theatre. It was our first in-the-theater-family-movie experience. Surprisingly the boys did great and had a blast at the movie. I had imagined a game of up and down throughout the movie but they were too entranced with that lovable little Wall-E to budge from their seats. I don't see Wall-E competing on the level of Lightening McQueen or Buzz Lightyear for the boys' attention but I may be wrong. For weeks now they have both been repeating "Wall-eeeee!" and "EeeVaaaaaaaa!" over and over again in their weirdest little robot voices. awesome.

So it evolved that upon spying an empty box the other day after sorting through more of H's old infant clothes, I decided that it would be a pretty simple project to create a Wall-E costume. The boys helped me cover the box with recycled packing paper and paint it with "real grown up paint brushes!" using a mixture of orange, yellow and brown washable paints. After they were in bed that night I did some final detail painting and wa-la! Wall-E was born. We intend to add some swimming goggles to complete the ensemble as soon as we locate them in our swim stash.

Oh yes, and Eve came about out of pure necessity. I mean, seriously, two boys can't obviously both be Wall-E at the same time!! Believe me, they have tried. She isn't the prettiest but she'll do in a pinch. I may try and get her looking a little more official after a trip to the craft store. But for now she is a white pillow case with a little embellishment hot glued on for her face.

I have two happy boys. And gosh, anyone who knows me knows I love playing dress up! It might not be mom's old prom dresses like I used to play dress up in. But it's still make believe and you gotta love that!

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Andrea said...

How did you do the black on the pillow case? Also did you hot glue the blue onto the pillow case? What is the blue stuff? I love the idea for my almost 2 yr old nephew. Thanks for any tips you can provide :)