Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome Home Mom!

As my little sister mentioned in her comments to my last post, my Mom has been out of the country for almost 3 weeks on a European cruise -- the vacation of a lifetime if you ask me!  She gets home today and I am so excited to hear all about the trip.  Yesterday we got a post card from her in the mail.  It had a picture of her Princess Cruise ship on it.  My mom knows my boys all too well -- they could care less about some ancient European tourist spot, they want a postcard of a boat!  And she was right. I told Jackson to come take a look at Grammy's boat.  He grabbed the card and exclaimed:

"WOW! That is a big boat!"

Yup, it sure is. I think he thinks Grammy might own that boat.  I mean, we have been calling it "Grammy's boat" for the past few weeks!  Both boys gazed at that postcard over and over last night.  They seriously studied its every detail, right down to the orange life boats on the side of the ship.  Good choice Grammy!

Welcome home Mom!  We've missed you so much and can't wait to hear all about your European adventures!!  


And finally...
Happy 4th Birthday Emily!  We love you sweet girl!

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