Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Imagine the hormones!

Living now in a house surrounded by dudes, and only dudes, it is hard to imagine I once lived in a house of all women. My folks split up when I was around 8 or so (though Dad has never lived more than a few miles away from us so I never thought of myself as being from a "broken home" in any way, shape, or form), so that left the house with all women, all the time. My mom, my older sister Debbie, my little sister Kimi, and moi! We even had a couple of female dogs over the years. Our hamster may have been female, too, for all I know.

As one could imagine -- and not to play into stereotypes too much...but, there were lots of tears and tantrums and hormonal highs and lows in our house over the years. Lots of fighting about who could borrow who's blouse or shoes or overalls or earrings. And as a middle child, I also admit a bit of brattiness that I never got my own room to myself until Debbie moved out - I was always sharing with one of my sisters. I'm sure I made my unhappiness about this well known. But there was also a lot of talking and laughing in our house, too. Debbie's husband Ed -- before Kimi and I were married ourselves -- often commented that he could never get a word in edgewise when we were all together. He still can't. Also, being in an all women house, there was also a lot of running around the house half naked. There was never any discussion about whether pink was an appropriate color for anything. None of us ever really smelled very badly. None of us had big, gargantuan branded tennis shoes or WWF action figures or Archie Comic Books or matchbox cars. Certainly our house had its own brand of chaos- it still does when we all get together, but it was all girls all the time, and we liked it that way just fine.

Mom, Me, Kimi, Debbie - Texas, August 2008


Debbie said...

I am so living that life all over again.

Tales from the Crib said...

...poor Ed!! ;-)

Katie said...

I too grew up in a female dominant house, mom, me, and lil sis, poor dad didn't have a chance!

Now I'm the minority with hubby and the 2 boys! Wouldn't change anything to save my life, but there are days when I'd love to watch chick flicks and have "make-overs" instead of watching Cars or The Incredibles for the 10th time that day and playing with the trucks again! Then again, I was a little girl with a Dukes of Hazard lunchbox full of my own Matchbox cars growing up. Maybe I'm not as far outta my element as I think I am!