Friday, August 15, 2008

Kiss'n cousins

All the cuz's lined up Brady Bunch style. Holden, Emily, Jackson, Michaela, Allison and Rachel. Darned cute kiddos if you ask me.

And another shot of the cousins together. Notice the tears in J's eyes? He threw the tantrum of a lifetime just as we were starting our family photo session. He was beyond consolation. I pleaded. I raged. I bribed. I cried. Nothing brought him back down to earth. So we just plowed through with him crying in pretty much every picture. My family kept assuring me I would laugh about it in a few years. We'll see.

And as a side note, rain hit our neck of the woods today like a ton of bricks! Well, actually, I quite like the rain, so it hit more like a ton of softly faded hydrangea petals falling to earth. Everything smells fresh and green and crisp. Shawn has the day off from work so he stayed with the kids this morning. I enjoyed 2 hours (!) at the gym this morning - yoga, elliptical, a soak in the hot tub and a steam in the steam room. Heaven! Then we all met for lunch at Mimi's. He took the boys home for naps and I did some school clothes shopping for Jackson and tried to find a cute little dress for me for our date night tomorrow night (I didn't find anything though). But it was a lovely, quiet afternoon. I think I earned that break over the past couple of weeks -- thanks honey!


jimbroome said...

Now tose are some cute kids!!!!!!!!

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