Friday, August 22, 2008

Little fishies

Summer is quickly evaporating, right before my eyes. It was actually cool here the other evening. Lest we forget, here are my little fishies swimming in OP's pool in Texas. Our pool doesn't allow water wings/floaties, so it was so fun for Jackson to try them out in the comfort of a private pool. He had so much more confidence with those little orange beauties on, swimming around unassisted and full of excitement for his new found talent. It bums me out he can't use them at our pool. Holden tried on Jackson's usual life vest (our pool does allow that), and though he wasn't a swimming fool, he loved jumping into me and toddling around the pool's edge, eating apples off of OP and Cracker's apple tree. It was a blast watching my boys have so much fun in that pool - I have years and years of summer memories swimming in Dad's backyard, drinking Crystal Light lemonade and eating potato chips.

Enjoy the last bit of summer, it is quickly turning to fall...

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