Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Storm

We had one heck of a summer storm this evening - complete with a couple of tornadoes! Earlier today we were at the park playing with the boys and two ominous looking clouds started to move towards each other. Shawn mentioned they looked like tornado clouds but I just laughed it off. About an hour later the rain and hail and thunder and lightening converged upon us, and when checking out the hail in the front yard, we caught site of the first tornado, which dissipated after a minute or so. I quickly ran and grabbed my camera in time to snap a shot of the second one forming. Both were far enough away not to worry us too much, but we had our plan to hit the crawl space under our stairs if the need arose.

The boys got a big kick out of watching it all. So did I.


jimbroome said...

You really did have a tornado!

Tales from the Crib said...

Yup, we sure did! Though nothing, I'm sure, compared to the great tornado of 1970! Miss you Dad! xo

ECHeasley said...

OH my! I heard the news this morning that there were several tornados is your area and thought of you. That's my biggest fear. I can only imagine the nightmares I'd be having if I actually saw the one that hit us when I was little. Thanks goodness all are well.