Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In honor of the '08 Olympics in Beijing, I signed J up for gymnastics today! I decided to stop into Omega to check their class schedule since we were nearby (not like anything in this little town is too far away!). We ran into one of J's buddies from preschool and found out she and another boy from his school would be in the Tuesday 9:30 class, so we signed him up on the spot. The teacher even let Jack participate in a freebie trial class today! It was so fun to watch him in action. He did fantastic, even mastering walking on the high balance beam without help from Mr. Matt, his instructor. I'm looking forward to watching him take off in this. I think it is a good fit. I asked him afterwards what his favorite part was and he said it was Mr. Matt. Ah, a teacher's pet in the works...just like his mama.

As a side note, I made the cutest stink'n superhero capes for the boys yesterday during their naps (yes, you heard me right, they both napped!). I'll snap a picture of them as soon as I can get the boys to stop flying long enough to pose for me. On second thought, I'll just get a shot mid-flight if I can. I'm so pleased with how they turned out!

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