Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vintage Wednesday

The beginning of Jackson's love affair with trains, Christmas 2005.

This was our first Christmas in Colorado and Jackson received this wondrous train set. We were living in an apartment, just starting our house searching journey, and this train table overtook our dining area. Notice how tiny our tree is in the back ground! Notice how shiny and new the trains are? They have been so well loved in the past 3 years that they are almost too worn to be played with any longer. Tracks are mismatched or broken. Trains have lost wheels or their attachment magnets. Buildings are crumbling. They weren't poor quality, they were just really well loved.

Over the past year or so, Jackson has upgraded to GeoTrax, the mature child's train set. This wooden set relished to a lidded container on a shelf. But Holden pulls these wooden trains out now and again and has a go at them. And I often notice Jackson gravitating back over to them when H has them out, building a simple track or pulling a stray car around the bed. Their pull is magnetic (both literally and figuratively).

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