Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vintage Wednesday

Today's vintage shot...Shawn and I, a self portrait, taken on Canon Beach, Oregon, the weekend after he proposed to me, August 2000.

Shawn's original plan was to propose to me during our little weekend getaway to Canon Beach, but apparently, according to him, once he had that ring in his possession he couldn't wait. He proposed to me on a Saturday afternoon, in the tiny apartment we shared in Seattle, while I was sitting on our garage sale couch. I think he may have even knelt down on one knee, but I can't remember. It was all sort of a blur after he said the words "will you marry me?" But I know I said yes immediately, and that I cried. I love happy tears. I wouldn't have had it any other way. The following weekend we celebrated our engagement with our pre-planned trip to Oregon. It was a perfect little getaway.


ECHeasley said...

Sounds like Scott when he bought the ring. He freaked out all day (that he was going to loose it) then was kind enough to turn off the TV before proposing. He's not good at holding off giving x-mas and b-day presents so I suppose I shouldn't have expect anything more when it came to proposing.

Tales from the Crib said...

LOL! Funny you should post, I was just at yoga and suddenly instead of thinking "namaste!" I thought "Liz! I didn't mention Liz in my friends from afar in my post this AM!" Silly I know, but I keep up with you probably more than anyone from the board. So I rushed home to add you! I'm dorky that way. xox