Monday, August 25, 2008

With friends like these...

...who needs a bakery...?

These gorgeous folks are our neighbors, Lisa and Tyler, and their beautiful kiddos, Jackson and Allison. Oh heck, I've blogged about them and our crazy adventures together numerous times. We are so fortunate that they moved in next door to us a year and a half ago -- is it really just that long? It feels like we've been friends forever and ever. We just love their family to pieces and pieces. We have a world in common with them and our kiddos are all close in age. In fact, we both have Jacksons in our houses, who happen to be best buds, so middle names are a necessity when we are all together -which is easily 3-5 times a week! They rock!

So my point is, you know you have good neighbors/friends when you can call them up at 8:45PM, after the kids are all in bed, and ask if they have any leftover birthday cupcakes you could snag from them. That's what Shawn and I did last night. And they happily obliged. And included a bottle of white wine as well leftover from Saturday's big birthday bash for their little princess (no, the wine was not for the birthday girl). I've never bummed cupcakes off of anyone before, but that's just the kind of friends Lisa and Tyler are. No need to borrow a cup of sugar, just ask for the cake already made!

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