Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ah, Paris...

This morning I went with Lisa and Emily to an awesome "Paris Flea Market" street fair. It was of course, not in Paris, but it was a killer market nonetheless, in a sort of Paris style, and Lisa and I both scored some awesome deals. As well as yummy chocolate croissants. I now have a perfect little bench in my entry way, and an old-school window pane decorating an empty wall in the same entry way space. I'm love'n it. The market itself reminded me so much of the Fremont Market we used to frequent in Seattle. The same market Shawn once got tongue tied at seeing Dave Matthews perusing the same booths as us.

The boys stayed with Daddy while I was away for the morning, and enjoyed some solo time with him. They were playing happily at the park when I got home to unload my goodies.

Later this afternoon Lisa asked to see my photo album from my time spent abroad, so I got to peruse Paris (and the rest of Europe) all over again via my memories. I've got Paris on the brain today, that's for certain. I think I'll go see if I can scrounge some stinky cheese in the fridge.

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