Friday, September 12, 2008

It's A Small World

We had a fantastic time with Sarah and Dave during their (far too brief!) visit. They were completely happy to "hang" with us so it was nice to just chat and laugh and be. Sarah came along with me to a yoga class at the gym yesterday, which rocked. David gave me some insight on AdobeLightroom. They both were sweet and kind to our boys (even when Mr J was not at his best). And Shawn and I got to enjoy real grown up time with real grown ups! It was absolutely fascinating listening to their travel tales, and honestly I had a million and one questions about all the little details of their journey. Like how did they purify their water? (UV ray water purification stick!) Did they get sick? (Sarah did twice, David thanked his "British constitution" for his health) What were the children like around the world? (the stories of children begging would breakyour heart, but the child that followed them for a three hour hike to sell them a pillowcase sticks in my head and my heart). And so much more. I envy the freedom they experienced. But it made me incredibly grateful for the warm roof over our heads and the gorgeous children who light up our every day. Certainly we live very different lives, but being able to catch up with old friends as if no time has passed is truly priceless.

Thank you guys, for making the stop in our little, sweet town. We loved having you in our home, and hope we can see you again very soon. Enjoy the last 20 days of your journey, and kiss the Seattle skyline for us when you get home. xox

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