Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nature Walk

We are so fortunate to live with a gorgeous walking trail just behind our house. On a clear summer day you can see the Rocky Mountains for miles and miles. The boys and I (and Shawn when he's not working) have treked many miles on this path. We really enjoy collecting bits of nature on our walks - flowers, rocks, leaves, the occasional piece of garbage for the trash. I love seeing how excited the boys get discovering something new. Our favorite nature walk is a "rainbow walk." We search for some piece of nature that corresponds to each color of the rainbow. Yellow and purple tend to be the easiest because of the gorgeous wildflowers that bloom along the way. Red and orange can be found in rocks and berries that are scattered along the path. Green is found in every blade of grass or wild growing weed. Blue is by far the most difficult because we can't pick up and carry a piece of the Colorado sky with us on our walks. But we sure can enjoy it while we are in it!


Julie said...

Holy buckets, that first picture is INCREDIBLE!!

CharleyJax said...

Wow, Amy.
I think Holden's triplet bros are going to have to come take that walk with him!!!
B, C, J

Tales from the Crib said...

hiya gals
it is an amazing view from atop the hill, and the boys just love to run up and down the path. Come for a walk with us anytime! :-)